We all love Walmart Clearance! Finding things on clearance at Walmart seems to be only for the lucky ones. We always try and give you the best Walmart deals and newest Walmart clearance finds!

Now we have made a list of the Walmart Clearance Secrets we know! This will help you find your own clearance deals at Walmart! Follow these secrets and be the first one to get those amazing and cheap deals before they are gone!

Holiday Clearance- The best time to get holiday items is the week following directly after the holiday! If you get your holiday decor and other holiday items they will be marked down 50-90% off! Buy them and save for the next year!

Rollbacks VS Clearance- If you come across an item on rollback, grab it! That price is a sale and it will go back up to normal price! Clearance items will continue to drop in price if not sold, and will not go back to normal price!
Online Clearance- Finding online clearance is as easy as opening the Walmart app and searching “clearance” from there you can refine the search how over you want!
Clearance Mark Down Dates- Most items being put on clearance will be marked down during the first couple days of the month! After the first week, you’ll find less items on clearance since they’ve been bought, so get in earlier in the month!
Expiring Items- If you find items, especially produce that goes bad within a day or two, you can ask an associate for a discount!
Clearance Locations- Most Walmart stores will put their clearance items in the same locations every time. Learn your store locations and always check them!